Agile & DevOps Engineering Practice

Application development, delivery & operations in an Agile- Ways of Working have become an increasingly critical part of business. DevOps mindset and practices during the software development process automates and reduces the number of steps necessary to bring software to market. DevOps practices also enables continuous testing and scalability

How do agile and DevOps relate? Both ideas began as ways to improve different aspects of software development. Agile embraced the changing nature of requirements and prioritised working software over rigid processes. DevOps collapsed the development and operations silos to improve both development and production

Why Agile

Agile practices have become the choice for software development industry where requirements are unpredictable or is expected to change over time. Enterprises & teams will reap the following benefits by following the Agile practices

  1. Focus on Business Value
  2. Speed of Execution
  3. Early and Predictable Delivery
  4. Stakeholder engagement & transparency
  5. Improves team dynamics and collaboration
  6. Promotes culture and Innovation
  7. Continuous improvement

Our Services

Symbiz Solutions provides transformation, consulting and training to enterprises and individuals on Agile Ways of Working in. Our Services are built around the following areas which are key to Agile organization & teams

  1. Agile ways of working
  2. Enterprise Agile Transformation Services
  3. Agile Training Services
  4. DevOps consulting services

Agile ways of working services

Symbiz Solutions provides transformation, consulting and training to enterprises and individuals on Agile Ways of Working. Our trainings are very practical and comprehensive in nature

  • Agile Ways of Working is a transformational approach to our existing work system backed by digitalisation.
  • Employees get to decide when they work, which communication medium they use and where they work.
  • This way, the workers get more flexibility and improve their productivity.
  • To achieve this model, various drivers can be managed such as physical workplace and management practices.
  • The past management styles and barriers are removed to enable coordination of multigeneration workforces.

Agile Transformation Services

Transitioning from ‘doing agile’ to ‘being agile’ requires something other than just an assortment of practices. Symbiz Solutions has developed key expertise to make your organization’s transformation to agile smooth, seamless, and pain-free by focusing on the areas below: -

  • Change Management
  • Organizational Agility
  • Delivery Agility
  • Business Agility

DevOps Consulting Services

We provide end to end DevOps consulting & transformation services. We serve our clients in

  • Perform DevOps Health Check at team and portfolio level
  • Recommend best practices in CI-CD
  • Recommend CI-CD tools landscape
  • Improve build and deployment timeline
  • Improve test automation coverage and effectiveness

Agile Training Services

Symbiz has provided training on Agile & DevOps Practices to corporates as part of transformation and to individuals who are keen in up-skilling. Our courses are designed by experts in the industry and are very practical in nature.
Our courses cover the following areas

  • Scrum and Kanban training for individuals and teams
  • Application Delivery program using Agile Technical Practices
  • DevOps Foundation and Advanced Program
  • SAFe enterprise agile training