What is Intelligent Automation ?

Robotic Process Automation is one of the key pillars in the digital transformation initiative of an enterprise, often referred as Digital Workforce.

They are software robots which automates repetitive business processes done using computers. These bots are developed using Industry standard tools provided by the vendors like UIPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere & many more.

Intelligent Automation (IA) is RPA using the power of Artificial Intelligence or AI. Machine learning and complex algorithms helps in analyzing structured and unstructured data and forms the core of IA.

The Value of Intelligent Automation

There is a long list of benefits that the enterprise realizes by implementing intelligent bots. Very important highlights below:-

High Productivity
Bots work all the time- 24 hrs a day and monitored automatically. This will significantly improve the productivity of the department/organization.

Implementation speed
Bots can be developed & deployed using low code RPA solutions and deployment made easier with cloud platforms provided by vendors.

Improved Employee Morale
Bots when developed and deployed can take care of the repetitive & mundane tasks done by the employees like data entry on different systems, checking email, sending standard response, savings files, browsing website and collective information, etc. This will help organizations to re-deploy their workforce to services of better value there by increasing the employee happiness.

Our Services

Symbiz Solutions is one of the early technology consulting firms that started spreading the awareness of RPA, provided training to end users & developers.

We have helped enterprises in all stages of RPA development cycle like identifying the right use cases, defining their scope, developing, deploying & monitoring the bots

We have an expert team of RPA business analyst and rpa developers for different platforms. We have a flexible and outcome-based delivery model when working with the enterprises.

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